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Safe & Effective Earwax Removal

The sensation of excessive earwax can be uncomfortable and strenuous to your hearing. Our audiology doctors at Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs offer multiple earwax removal procedures to eliminate these concerns. Look to us for safe, effective earwax removal in Colorado Springs, CO.

What Is Earwax?

Cerumen, more commonly known as earwax, is a natural substance formed by the body. Earwax is a combination of dead skin cells, sebaceous gland oils, and wax produced by the ceruminous glands. Depending on genetics, the color of earwax can range from pale yellow or light grey to dark brown or red.

Understanding Earwax Removal

Earwax resides in the cartilaginous portion of the ear canal. It can move out naturally due to jaw movement. Many people also opt for cotton swabs or other earwax remover objects. However, self-removal can actually push the earwax deeper in the ear canal and lead to more problems. As such, professional earwax removal is highly recommended.

Symptoms of Earwax Blockage

Earwax blockages vary in severity and symptoms. However, the common signs that you may be dealing with an earwax blockage include:

  • Persistent or recurring earaches
  • A ringing noise in the ear, also known as tinnitus
  • Loss of hearing
  • Pressure in the ear or side of the face
  • A full feeling in the ear

The Causes of Earwax Build-Up & Blockages

The cause of earwax build-up varies. Certain people produce higher amounts of earwax than others, making them more susceptible to earwax blockages and impaction. Other factors, such as the use of earplugs, hearing aids, or improper earwax removal techniques, can also cause impacted earwax.

How Should You Clean Your Ears?

Earwax is natural and typically clears on its own due to movements in the lower jaw. Jaw movements encourage the wax to move toward the outer portion of the ear canal. However, professional earwax removal with a doctor may be necessary for those with excessive or impacted earwax.

Earwax Removal With a Doctor

Audiology doctors traditionally use irrigation or a curette to eliminate wax blockages. Irrigation is a popular method that involves flushing out the wax. It is often used in conjunction with earwax removal softeners . The use of a curette , which involves a curved instrument and in some cases suction to gently remove  wax lodged inside the ear canal , may also be used.

Earwax Removal Techniques

Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs is here to help you achieve relief with safe earwax removal methods. Our audiology doctors utilize the Earigator™, a trusted device that combines pressure and a temperature-controlled stream of water to rinse and remove stubborn wax quickly. We may also use curettes and micro-alligator forceps to alleviate less profound wax.

How Not to Remove Earwax Build-Up

It’s important to refrain from self-removal techniques. Using swabs or other objects can push the wax deeper into the bony portion of the ear canal, prohibiting it from naturally ejecting while risking ear damage or hearing loss. Ear candles should also be avoided as they are ineffective and can cause severe injury.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Professional Ear Cleaning

At Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs, we are committed to the hearing health of our Colorado Springs, CO, patients. As such, we specialize in safe and effective earwax removal techniques that protect the ear from damage without compromising your comfort or hearing. Contact us today to achieve relief.

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