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Communication Strategies
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Communication Strategies

Families can use these strategies to help keep the lines of communication open between those that are suffering from hearing loss.

For Individuals With Hearing Loss
  • Tell others how best to talk with you
  • Face your audience directly
  • Position with back-lighting
  • Anticipate and make a plan for difficult situations
  • Pay attention
  • Concentrate on the speaker
  • Integrate visual and written cues
  • Ask for clarification
  • Acknowledge when communication is not understood
  • Defer conversation when fatigued
  • Show appreciation for the efforts made when others assist you
For Individuals Conversing With Those Who Have Hearing Loss
  • Get attention first
  • Face and speak directly
  • Position for face-lighting
  • Avoid noisy environments
  • Ask how to facilitate communication
  • Refrain from shouting
  • Speak clearly at a moderate pace
  • Keep mouth cues clear
  • Use facial expressions and gestures
  • Rephrase if communication is not understood
  • Give cues when changing subjects in conversation
  • Be patient if response is slow
  • Stay positive and relaxed
  • Be respectful

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