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Hearing Tests

Hearing Testing

As part of your overall health, the team at Hearing Consultants recommends that all of our patients get their hearing tested at least once a year. During your appointment at Hearing Consultants, you’ll undergo a comprehensive examine to determine:

a. Thresholds of hearing
b. Degree and configuration of hearing
c. Treatment options based on patient needs and test results

Visual inspection:

We utilize otoscopes as well as video otoscopy to ensure the patient’s ear canal is clear of debris. Our audiologists will remove any wax that would impede proper testing, and can do so in a quick and painless manner.

Pure Tone Testing

Pure Tone testing allows our audiologists to determine the degree and pattern of hearing. We not only test the traditional frequencies of speech, but can also evaluate ultra high frequencies, to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Middle Ear Testing

As part of your comprehensive evaluation it is important to look at the middle ear cavity. Our audiologists utilize tympanometry and other immittance testing to ensure the ear drum is intact and moving efficiently, the middle ear space is free of fluid, and that the bones of the middle ear are conducting sounds appropriately.

  • Tympanometry: Tympanometry offers a variety of important insight into your eardrums. By creating air pressure in your ear, we are able to determine if your eardrum is stiff, moves too much, or has a hole.
  • Acoustic Reflex Testing: Acoustic Reflex testing will help us to diagnose the type of hearing loss that may be occurring by determining the activity of the smallest muscle in your middle ear called the stapedius.

Speech Testing

Speech testing is critical in assessing a patient’s ability to process and understand speech. This testing guides our audiologists in giving appropriate recommendations for hearing devices, accessories, or to determine candidacy for cochlear implantation.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)

The team at Hearing Consultants uses otoacoustic emissions to determine the status of the hair cells within the inner ear. This information is useful for testing children and babies as no patient response is required, but also adults as it can assist with the differentiation between sensory and neural hearing loss.

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